The lion dance team of St. Louis Chinese Language School has a history of more than 40 years. We follow the Chinese Southern style of lion dance. The Southern Lion, also known as the Awakening Lion, is based on resemblance of spirit and utilize martial arts. It has a mighty shape, and pays attention to horse-steps when dancing, and mainly uses movements such as jumping, falling, turning, rolling, etc. Every drumbeat, every movement, and every form has a unique culture meaning. Lion dance has a profound cultural background and is a carrier of heritages. As an auspicious thing, every festival or major event must have a lion dance.

The lion dance team of St. Louis Chinese Language School also provides team-members with a good platform and opportunities to exercise. The team members studied hard and practiced hard, enhanced their self-confidence, and cooperated happily in the team. The school lion dance team is already well-known in St. Louis. Annual traditional programs include Chinese New Year celebrations at the Missouri Governor's Mansion, teacher appreciation banquets, and more. History museums, celebrations of professional groups, etc. invited our lion dance team to perform. In particular, during this year's China Culture Day in St. Louis Botanical garden, the lion dance team performed 13 times in two days. The team members took charge of various opening ceremonies, quickly created a festival atmosphere, enthusiastically interacted with the audience. Hundreds of audience responded passionately. The Lion Dance Team of the St. Louis Chinese Language School looks forward to presenting you with high-quality performances!

For more information about STLCLS Lion Dance Team or if you will like to join, please contact STLCLS Volunteer Coordinator, via email at